Its not fair for you to be okay, be happy, have someone and just forget i ever existed, forget the nights i stayed awake soothing you with words of praise and telling you how beautiful you are. How can i be the one who is broken ? Im supposed to be over this im supposed to be okay but how can i just let it go ? How can i forget what it was like to have you care, to have you want me, sit close to me, look at me the way you did ? Why isnt this haunting your every step ? You hurt me and you just avoid it you shut the door on it and you pretend it isn’t reality when in fact it is my every waking second. I will never learn, i still hold onto those little seconds we had when i still meant something to you. I wish you had enough respect for me to give me closure. I wish you cared. I wish i was enough, and i wish i could be okay.

sorry ranting rant personal hurting bad night hurt dont feel its horrible sad lonely words lost tonight is awful i cant sleep sorry everyone im lost and im alone




*unconsciously touches own boobs in public* *remembers im not suppose to do that*

I think you mean subconsciously

no. catch me at your local walmart asleep in the Ball Cage gripping onto my titties for dear life

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